Library Plans Presented to Board

The new Oregon Public Library preliminary plans were presented to the joint Village and Library Boards and the response was very positive. The plan includes community room, quiet reading room and study rooms features which the Board Members and attendees were very pleased to see in the concept. The building will bring new usage from young, middle and seniors, which spaces available for interactive activities. Although new design will continue to evolve, the team is looking for the best use for our community. An exciting progress for this community enhancement. More information is available at

View from Main Street
View Looking South

Oregon Library Get’s Major Donation

The new Oregon Library project, received a wonderful donation last week, with a major contribution to inspire the project and give it momentum. The Steering Committee was extremely pleased to learn of the $500,000 donation, which is anonymous. This will help keep the planning going and move to the next phases of making the library a real space for our community.